Wire Mesh Fabrications Ltd is a leading manufacturer of bespoke wire products from a dip & drain mesh basket, wire mesh panels, framed meshes for balustrades and machine guarding to wire food processing tray products and mesh baskets through to more complex fabrications, all of which are an integral part of your business process.

Supplying businesses both small and large from the high street baker to aerospace and precision CNC parts producers, we pride ourselves in offering reliable and creative solutions based on the customers’ brief. A world-leading producer of high-quality gelatines chose Wire Mesh Fabrications when it needed to upgrade its drainage baskets.

Dip and drain mesh baskets are specialized baskets designed for use in various industrial applications. Here are some common uses of dip and drain mesh baskets:

  1. Parts cleaning and finishing: They are commonly used in parts cleaning and finishing applications, such as electroplating, anodising, and barrel finishing.
  2. Oil and coolant filtration: They can be used to filter oil and coolant in various industrial applications, such as metalworking and machining.
  3. Food processing: They can be used in the food processing industry for tasks like washing, draining, and drying food products like fruits, vegetables, and meat.
  4. Chemical processing: They are used in chemical processing applications for tasks like filtering and drying chemicals.
  5. Medical and laboratory applications: They can be used in medical and laboratory applications, such as sterilisation and autoclaving of medical instruments and laboratory equipment.

Overall, dip and drain mesh baskets are versatile tools that can be used in many different industrial applications that require filtering, washing, draining, or drying of parts, products, or chemicals. They are designed to withstand harsh chemicals and high temperatures, making them an essential tool in many industries.

Suitable For Demanding Environments

A demanding environment requires a robust solution that can meet the demands of the job, with stainless steel Grade 316 being chosen. Wire Mesh Fabrications had previously supplied machine guards and so with their specialism in producing bespoke and standard stainless steel wirework baskets, the project was ready to go.

A site visit was required to offer advice on the most cost-effective solution. This also removed the need for a proto-type, often required by clients when working from a drawing.  The baskets moved swiftly into production and were delivered to the client on time.

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Manufactured in the UK

With a manufacturing base in Northern England and associated offices across the UK, our highly skilled craftsmen and knowledgeable staff can provide expert advice and help ensure that together we find the best cost-effective solution to suit your needs, and where necessary prototypes can be manufactured in accordance with the purpose of application and to meet budget constraints.

As part of our comprehensive range, we offer a wide variety of wire mesh products including simple wire forms, framed mesh panels, wire trays and mesh baskets… With almost infinite design possibilities, Wire Mesh Fabrications specialise in the production of stainless steel welded wire mesh.

These include:

  • Cooling wire racks
  • Smoking kiln wire mesh trays
  • Industrial cooking wire trays
  • Industrial wire mesh oven shelves
  • Stainless steel food trollies

With a belief that everyone should have what they want, not what will do, we want to make bespoke feel like the norm, so we’re more than confident that we can turn your ideas into reality.

Our manufacturing is governed by the stringent ISO9001:2015 quality standard so you can be confident that you are buying from a manufacturer committed to producing the highest grade of products built for performance and durability.

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Wire Mesh Fabrication Examples

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