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Our range of products and services offer a cost-effective solution to many requirements, with various finishing processes available, it is used used in construction for mesh infill panels, bridge parapets etc.

What Are Cooling Wire Racks Used For?

A cooling rack (typically known as a wire rack) is often used in the food industry to allow air to circulate freely to cool baked goods, whilst at the same time helping to prevent them from getting soggy due to condensation.

A tight grid is typically the best format for a cooling rack, to prevent thin baked goods from breaking or falling through.

Typical applications include vent guards, de-greasing baskets, cooling trays & bakery baskets and gabions etc. Our extensive range of stainless 304 welded wire mesh is available with a heavy or light wire. For more hygiene conscious industries, like food, medical and pharmaceutical, we offer stainless steel in both grades 304 and 316 as standard.

Other applications include:

  • Cooling wire racks
  • Autoclave mesh baskets and trays
  • Degreasing baskets
  • Ultrasonic cleaning wire baskets
  • Window grilles
  • Machine guards
  • Point of sale displays & shopfitting
  • Kennels & Veterinary cages
  • Infill panels
  • Medical sterilisation trays
  • Industrial cooking wire trays

Wire racks are typically small, lightweight units that are used to display products. They are frequently stackable and can be mounted on casters for easy mobility. They can be used in industrial and retail applications.

A wire rack can be a great investment, especially if you are looking for a cost-effective way to store items. These products are also very durable and are designed to be both streamlined and attractive. Although they are often considered small, they can be used to hold a wide variety of things, including marketing material, brochures, and informational materials.

Depending on the type of rack, you may be able to use it in an indoor or outdoor setting. You can buy them in a variety of finishes, including electro-polished, painted, and coated. In addition to being highly durable, these racks can also be stacked, making them extremely versatile.

When choosing a wire rack, it is important to make sure that it is the right size for your space. Also, the height of the rack is based on how many pockets it has. If the rack isn’t the right length, it could end up getting stuck or not being able to hold as much as you’d like.

While these racks are versatile, they aren’t the best choice for storing heavy items. Additionally, they aren’t oven safe. So if you are considering buying a wire rack, it is a good idea to invest in a high-quality product.

Welded wire mesh is available in a range of standard materials, namely mild and carbon steel, and grade 304 and 316 stainless steel. As a manufacturer, we possess the specialist skills and equipment to work with metals such SS310, SS321 annealed wire and high nickel alloys for special applications.

In almost every production environment, whether it be food production, bottling lines, medical utensil sterilisation or electronics and precision engineering there is likely to be a process involving something from our range.

We can offer a full bespoke manufacturing service to create products designed for specific uses within the following sectors, food & restauration, medical & pharmaceutical, construction & maintenance as well as general and domestic sectors. We can also provide alternatives such as perforated metals and expanded metals.

Our manual and automated manufacturing methods offer the best of both worlds and with this flexibility we can offer small or large batch quantities and pride ourselves in our ability to offer cost-effective solutions to our customers.

We understand that different applications require different meshes and as such, our sales consultants will help talk through your options to ensure the most effective solution is found.

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